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Undertaking and passing the CITB training course necessary for your role on site will help you demonstrate your competence.

How does COVID-19 affect course delivery and can I do a CITB Course in an online format? 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived all CITB courses were delivered face-to-face in conventional classroom formats. But when the pandemic arrived, the CITB  changed the scheme rules to allow delivery of CITB Site Safety Plus Courses online in virtual classroom formats. Since then CITB courses online have been (and still are) a very attractive option. However, there are now more and more conventional classroom courses dates and we are taking enquiries and bookings for these courses as well as the CITB online course options.

Current courses with online classroom options are:

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Who are The CITB?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is a national accreditation body recognised by Build UK, formerly the UK Construction Group (UKCG), and Major Housing Building Group (MHBG). The CITB accredits the Site Safety Plus Scheme, which provides construction, civil engineering and allied industries with a variety of CITB course designed to help maintain a safe workforce.

CITB Site Safety Plus Scheme (SSP)

The CITB Site Safety Plus Scheme is only offered through accredited training providers, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. The suite of Site Safety Plus courses has been designed to ensure that everyone benefits from the best possible training, tailored to their individual role within the construction industry.

Those wishing to enter the Site Safety Training Scheme as an operative or a newcomer to the industry would chose the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training course. The next level up is the Site Supervisor qualification, which is aimed those with supervisory responsibilities. Then above this is the Site Manager qualification, which is aimed at construction site managers and potential site managers.

On successful completion of these CITB courses, delegates will then be certificated for a five-year period. Certificates may take six to eight weeks to be distributed; a letter confirming qualification can be used as proof whilst awaiting certification.


CITB Health and Safety Awareness

The one day Health & Safety Awareness course is designed for those who are thinking about a career in construction. It is the first step towards obtaining a CSCS Green Card alongside the CITB Operative’s touchscreen test. This course highlights potential hazards on site and gives you an overall ‘awareness’ of the construction site. It will underline your responsibilities on site as well as your employer’s.

Directors Role for H&S

This one day CITB training course is intended for CEOs and company directors who wish to gain a greater understanding of health and safety. The course teaches delegates how to promote a positive health & safety system within an organisation; with the purpose of appreciating the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively and the importance of recognising moral, economic and legal implications made in the boardroom. 

SSSTS Courses

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a two day course designed for those working as a site supervisor. It is recognised as one of the key qualifications under the Site Safety Plus Scheme making it one of the most popular CITB courses and awards.

Those undertaking a SSSTS course will learn how the supervisory role can support the site manager in upholding safety on site, further information regarding risk assessments and a deeper understanding of health and safety law relating specifically to supervisors on site.

SSSTS Refresher Courses

The SSSTS Refresher one-day course is aimed at delegates who have previously passed the full two-day SSSTS course and whose certificate is due to expire. This course aims to bring delegates up to date with current legislation and ensure that they continue to remain qualified in their role.

SMSTS Courses

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a five day CITB course that covers areas including CDM regulations, duties and responsibilities. Because safety is an essential element of site management, the SMSTS training course will assist managers and potential managers in developing their knowledge, awareness and understanding to ensure safe methods of work for construction site employees.

SMSTS Refresher Courses

The SMSTS refresher course is a condensed version of the full five day course that lasts 2 days and only those individuals who have passed the five day course and can provide a valid certificate will be eligible for the Refresher course.

SEATS Courses

The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) is a one day CITB course suitable for site supervisors or managers that is designed to ensure your business understands environmental issues and how these issues affect the construction site.

Temporary Works Co-Ordinator

This is a two day CITB course for those with responsibility for managing temporary works on site. This course will provide an understanding of BS 5975 and the procedural controls described within the code. Delegates must have experience in being responsible for managing all forms of temporary works.

Temporary Works Co-Ordinator Refresher

This is a one day CITB course for those who have successfully completed the two day Temporary Works Coordinator course and need to renew their qualification. Delegates who can provide a valid certificate will be eligible for the Refresher course.

Temporary Works Supervisor

This is a one day CITB training course which will provide a Temporary Works Supervisor with the knowledge and understanding of the risk management of temporary works. The course will assist those on site who are undertaking the role of Temporary Works Supervisor and give them a thorough understanding of BS5975 in respect of this role. Candidates must have previous knowledge of managing all forms of temporary works.

Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) Training

This one-day course is aimed at all workers on a construction site and can be applied to any construction situation. The training is designed to give an understanding of how attitude, behaviour, communication and engagement at all levels can prevent accidents and is in line with the current ACoP and Guidance for the CDM Regulations. 

Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS)

This is a one day course that is part of the CITB Site Safety Plus range of courses, focusing on training those working in the tunnel construction industry. Common hazards are the primary element of this course, as well as relevant legislation and safe conduct in a tunnel environment.


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Commonly Asked Questions


How long are CITB accredited certificates valid for? 
Five years.

Do CITB accredited certificates have a grace period? 
Previously, all CITB accredited certificates used to have a six-month grace period however, the accrediting body changed this so that any certificates that expire on or after the 1st January 2016 no longer have a grace period. Candidates are expected to have completed the relevant Refresher course by the expiry date shown on their certificate, failure to do this means that the candidate will need to complete the full training course again. Note:- This rule is temporarily superseded during the COVID-19 pandemic as outlined in the following link: Awarding Body Card and Certification Arrangements during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With these new grace period rules, what happens if my CITB course gets cancelled and my certificate expires? 
Should a course be cancelled, candidates will need to submit proof to the CITB that they have exceeded the expiry date on their certificate through no fault of their own. If the candidate has a successful appeal, the CITB usually grant a thirty-day extension on the candidate’s certificate so that they can then book onto a Refresher course. 

Can CITB accredited courses be run at our own venue?
CITB courses can be run as a dedicated course at your own venue. CITB rules dictate that between four and twenty candidates can attend each course. 

Are there any pre-requisites for the CITB Health & Safety Awareness course?

Candidates must have a good understanding of spoken and written English in order to attend this course. 

Will the CITB Health & Safety Awareness course get me the CSCS Green card?
Candidates must complete both the one-day CITB Health and Safety Awareness course and a CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test in order to apply for the CSCS Labourers Green card. 

Do I need to have to have taken a CITB Site Supervisor course before taking the CITB Site Management course? 
Candidates do not have to undertake the Supervisor qualification prior to taking the Management course. Experience managing or supervising a site is an advantage but candidates do not have to have achieved any previous qualifications prior to attending the course. 

Will the CITB Site Supervisor course give me a CSCS Gold card? 

Upon successful completion of the CITB Site Supervisor course, candidates will receive a CITB accredited certificate which is valid for five years. In order to obtain the CSCS Supervisors Gold card, candidates will need to undertake an NVQ. 

Will the CITB Site Management course give me a CSCS Black card? 
Upon successful completion of the CITB Site Management course, candidates will receive a CITB accredited certificate which is valid for five years. In order to obtain the CSCS Management Black card, candidates will need to undertake an NVQ.

Do CITB courses have tests? 
Each CITB course will finish with a test at the end that leads to the resulting qualification if succesful; tests will be scheduled as part of the course you chose to book. 

Are there any grants? 
Grants are only available to CITB levy payers. 


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The CSCS Labourer's card is commonly known as the ‘Green’ card, and is aimed at those who work as a Labourer in the construction or civil engineering sectors.

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