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Supervisor Safety Training - An Essential Qualification for all Site Supervisors

If you are in supervisory role or if you are looking to take on this role in the future, being aware of your health and safety responsibilities is essential! Attending a training course is an excellent way of getting up to date information and advice on how to safeguard your own and your teams’ safety. Read more

SSSTS qualifications encourage good health and safety practice

Responsible for a team of workers getting the job done on time? If so, it is likely you are a site supervisor and you will also be responsible for the health and safety of the people working under you. If this is the case getting a SSSTS course qualification can help you to encourage good health and safety practice within your team. Read more

What to expect from an SMSTS refresher course?

One of the most important features of the CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme is that once delegates have completed the 5 day course, they can renew their knowledge and their qualification by attending the two day refresher course. Read more

A review of developments in the NRSWA scheme - how the changes effect you and your business.

With Cornwall Council gathering over 16,000 tonnes of salt in preparation for keeping their roads safe this winter, street and road safety are a top concern. This applies to members of the public that use our roads and the construction teams that build and maintain them. If you are the latter you may be concerned about some of the changes in the NRSWA scheme. Read on to find out how they can affect your business. Read more

An OHSAS training course can further your career and improve health and safety in your business.

OHSAS or Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series training is vital to those companies looking to set up or maintain a health and safety management system. UK legislation insists that all employers have adequate arrangements for health and safety in the workplace including a work based health and safety system. Read more

SMSTS courses - professional, construction specific health and safety training for site managers.

One of the largest sectors of employment in the UK, the construction industry employs over 2 Million people across over 300,000 firms. A large number of those employed choose or are required to complete a formal health and safety training course. For site managers the natural choice is the SMSTS CITB course. Read more

Site Managers Safety Training Scheme – A guide to finding the right course, at the right price in the right location.

Are you looking for an SMSTS course? Have you spent hours of your precious time, searching the internet and calling individual training providers to try and get the best deal? Would like an easier way of getting the course you need booked? Read more
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