Working at Height

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Duration: 0.5 days

Trainer: P385IP

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Course Summary: 

Employers are required to ensure that no person engages in any activity, including organisation, planning and supervision, in any relation to working at height or work equipment for use in such work unless he incompetent to do so. By attending this course, candidates will gain an awareness of the risks involved, the legal requirements and an awareness of good and bad practice in working at height. 

Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites for this qualification. 

Validity of Award: This qualification does not expire 

Length of Course: 3 hours 

Course Information: 

This course will cover the following areas: 

- An appreciation of the hazards involved in working at height 
- How to reduce the risks as far as possible 
- Awareness of good and poor practice 
- An awareness of the legal requirements and relevant regulations relating to working at height. 


Candidates will be required to demonstrate an adequate understanding of the subject to the trainer in order to complete this course.
The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.
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