Practical Creativity

£1205 per delegate. This may be less for special offers on specific course dates and in-company training courses

Duration: 2 days

Trainer: CC153T

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Ever wondered how some people seem to find it easy to come up with new ideas?

The successful exploitation of new ideas, whether it results in new products and services or new business processes, can give companies the competitive edge they are seeking. This is critical if they are to survive the challenges and seize the opportunities that today's global market presents.

The key to successful creative thinking is people's ability to build and maintain their creative state, through a range of methods and techniques designed to generate and develop new ideas.

This course equips attendees with a practical, interactive approach to developing their own creativity and - equally important - teaches them how to unleash creativity in their colleagues. Delivered by experienced, creative consultants, who practise what they teach in organisations across all business sectors, the course ensures attendees understand the end-to-end innovation flow, and acquire a set of high-impact, creativity techniques, brought to life through real-life scenarios.

This is a 2 day course (residential).

Prerequisites, evening study and examinations
The main pre-requisite for this course is that attendees come with an open mind and the willingness to try out new and exciting techniques. There may be some informal work on the evening of the first day of the course - but attendees will be creating this themselves!

Course Objectives
This course will enable delegates to:
- Understand how creativity fits within the end-to-end innovation flow
- Use high-impact, creativity techniques
- Develop their own, new, creativity techniques
- Become more accomplished facilitators of groups of people who need to work together to solve problems or generate new ideas
- Assess, and build on, ideas in order to make sure they have the best chance of becoming reality
- Understand how to take new ideas through to reality within their organisations
- Use a set of time-saving templates to support all parts of the innovation and creativity flow

Who Should Attend
Those who need the ability to tackle and solve challenges in new ways. Also those who need to support and encourage others to release their creative potential, including:
- Team Leaders
- Business and Change Consultants
- Facilitators
- Project and Programme Managers
- Business and Process Analysts

Course Content
A Little Bit Of Theory
- What and where is Point C?
- Why bother with innovation and creativity?
- Innovation as a flow

Warming Up People To Be Creative
- How creative are you?
- Creative warm-up activities and techniques
- What and how to create the right environment for innovation and creativity

- Making sure you solve the right problem
- How and where to start mining for creative gold

- Overview and description of the creativity techniques
- Worked examples and demonstrations of the techniques
- Application of the creative techniques to real-life scenarios
- Activity review

- How to build on early ideas
- Deciding which ideas to take forward

Carry Out
- How to ensure that ideas are implemented and deliver value to individuals and the organisation

How Does It All Fit Together?
Throughout the course, the facilitators will relate the approaches and techniques to real life examples and highlight the circumstances in which particular approaches and techniques have made a significant impact.

The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.
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