Organising Your Manager

Categories: Management Skills
£335 per delegate. This may be less for special offers on specific course dates and in-company training courses

Duration: 1 day

Trainer: C067BG

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Organising Your Manager Course

A one day training course

Suitable for:
Secretaries, PAs and those in a support role, who wish to - and know they can - develop their role to increase the contribution they make to their managers, team and organisation. Our managers have numerous strengths - as do we. Together we can be an effective team by complementing each others' strengths, weaknesses and style of working.

By the end of the training course delegates will: 
- Be able to develop good working relationships with your manager 
- Set up systems to manage resources, people and time 
- Improve your communication skills 
- Have strategies to influence and persuade others of your ideas 
- Understand your manager's style of working 
- Enhance office performance

Course Content
- Setting the context
- What are we going to cover today?
- What brings you here and what do you want from the day?
- Defining your role & responsibilities
- Self perception - of us and our contribution.
- Skills needed for success.
- How to develop the role.
- Working with your manager as a team
- What is an effective team ?
- What is an effective working relationship built on?
- What do we want from our managers?
- Gaining control of the workload - helping to organise your manager
- Self analysis. How do we spend our working day?
- Reactive and proactive working - achieving the balance.
- Creating an awareness of time-stealers and how to control them.
- Persuading and influencing others to your ideas
- The need to actively listen - and how to do so.
- What type of question can we ask - to help achieve results.
- The three steps to take to help persuade others.
- Your manager's style of working
- Do you support a Type A or Type B boss?
- How to give maximum support to each type.
- Conclusion and recap of key learning points

The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.
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