IRATA Level 1 - Industrial Rope Access

£660 per delegate. This may be less for special offers on specific course dates and in-company training courses

Duration: 5 days

Trainer: SS343C

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Duration: 5 Days, usually running from 9.00am - 5.00pm*

Who is it for: People who are looking to start a career in rope access roles which involve working at height.

Other Recommended Courses: IRATA Level 2, GWO Basic Safety Training, CCNSG Safety Passport.

Course Description:

The IRATA Level 1 course is designed to take delegates, who have no prior experience, through all the training and examination requirements to be a qualified IRATA Level 1 Technician. A Level 1 technician is defined as a technician who is able to perform a limited range of rope access tasks under the supervision of a level 3.

Basic principles of movement on ropes - ascent, descent, changing from ascent to descent, changing from rope to rope, crossing a knot, aid climbing and traversing, passing re-anchors and deviations, use of a back-up system, elementary rigging and rope management, elementary rescue.

You will be taught additional skills over and above the IRATA syllabus to help you work safely and efficiently in the industry.

Course Objectives:

A level 1 rope access technician shall be capable of performing a limited range of rope access tasks required by their employers, under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access technician.

They are:

- responsible for inspections of all his/her own personal rope access equipment;
- able to assist in rigging and non-standard operations, under the guidance of a higher grade;
- able to undertake a rescue involving descent by him/herself and have a knowledge of hauling systems.

*Course times will be confirmed in the joining instructions once the course has been booked.
The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.
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