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Workshop Facilitation Techniques

£755 per delegate

Duration: 2 days

Trainer: CC153T


The use of facilitation is an increasingly important part of business life, since a collaborative approach to working is widely recognised as the most effective way to make decisions, capture requirements, plan projects and gain consensus.

The focus is on a team-based approach, with the right people and skills being brought together to produce high quality outputs in a short time. In order to do this in the most effective way, a trained facilitator is essential.

This course is designed to explore the rich communication skills and techniques required to successfully facilitate workshops and meetings in a business context. Interactive theory and practical sessions engage delegates in a variety of realistic scenarios. From ice breakers and energisers to handling difficult people and situations, this course is the ideal choice to discover and develop new facilitation skills.

This is a 2 day course.

Prerequisites, evening study and examinations
There are no pre-requisites for the course. There is some informal work on the first evening, where delegates choose a technique to practice and prepare a workshop for the following day.

Course Objectives
This course will enable delegates to:
- Facilitate workshops
- Choose techniques to improve the effectiveness of workshops
- Understand and handle difficult people and situations
- Understand their own impact and effect on a workshop
- Find materials and networks to further develop their learningand skills as a facilitator

Who Should Attend
Those who are likely to be involved in facilitation, including:
- Project Managers
- Team Leaders
- Business Analysts
- Systems Analysts
- Facilitators requiring a refresher for their skills and exposure tonew ideas and techniques
- Those wishing to improve their effectiveness at runningworkshops and business meetings

Course Content
Manage the Event
- What is a facilitator
- What does the facilitator manage
- What is a workshop
- NLP and well-formed outcomes
- Planning the workshop
- Checklist for success

Manage the Process
- What happens in workshops
- Choosing appropriate decision making techniques
- Techniques for managing the process
- Force field analysis
- Ishikawa diagram
- Gap analysis

Manage Groups & Individuals
- Self awareness
- Group dynamics
- Difficult people and situations
- Techniques for managing dynamics

Paradigm Preserving, Stretching and Breaking
- Group stages
- Group maturity levels
- Techniques for different levels and stages
- Icebreakers and energisers

Completing the Process
- Support organisations
- Tools
- Networks
- Qualifications

Evening Study
- Preparing a workshop

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