Assertive Communication for Women

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Duration: 1 day

Trainer: T0212H

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Assertive Communication for Women

Course Outline
In order to achieve maximum potential, individuals need to develop an ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This requires a high level of self-awareness and sensitivity to the impact of their behaviour on others - as well as an ability to respond confidently and professionally in a range of situations, including those that are difficult or stressful. This course will enable delegates to develop specific communication techniques which will beinvaluable in a wide range of workplace situations. It will cover the three main categories of behaviour within the assertiveness model: passive, aggressive and assertive and will give the opportunity to develop skills in dealing confidently and professionally with colleagues, suppliers and customers. The course will use self-analysis tools and practical examples, and will explore how you can become more assertive from a female perspective.It is particularly recommended for women who would like to fulfil their potential at work, and/or would like to improve their confidence to deal more effectively within a range of different situations at work.

Key Aims
• To enable delegates to develop confidence and skills to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations
• To focus on key issues and challenges relating to assertive communication for women, such as: developing and maintaining self-esteem, working with ‘difficult’ colleagues/customers/suppliers, dealing with aggression and conflict.
• To introduce powerful and flexible tools and techniques for communicating effectively, whatever the participants’ previous experience or circumstances
• To facilitate the development of strategies for improving delegates’ ongoing personal development
• To cover essential topics in a relatively short time, whilst ensuring an immediate impact

Key Benefits
Participants will:
• Increase their self-awareness
• Deal more confidently and professionally with conflict and anger
• Make, refuse and accept requests more effectively
• Handle inter-personal issues more confidently and effectively
• Give and receive feedback more effectively

The organisation will:
• Improve internal communication
• Have more effective team players
• Have more confident and competent negotiators
• Experience the benefits of more positive working relationships
• Decrease workplace stress

Outline Programme
• Self-esteem and confidence –Learning how to develop and maintain selfesteem and understanding the importance of these in underpinning assertive communication for women.
• Body language - Examining the nonverbal aspects of assertive communication and learning to project a positive image.
• Identifying rights and responsibilities – Examining the rights and responsibilities of self and others within the context of assertive communication; considering how rights can be asserted sensitively and appropriately.
• Recognising behaviour styles - Identifying different behaviour characteristics in self and others, and how it affects one’s own confidence and performance.
• Dealing with aggressive behaviour – Learning how to behave assertively, even when others are behaving aggressively.
• Request making and refusing - Identifying ways of being polite but clear and direct in the process of making and refusing requests.
• Dealing assertively with criticism - Learning how to give and receive criticism in an effective manner.
• Inter-personal issues - How to take a calm and assertive approach in dealing with a range of inter-personal issues in the workplace.
• Personal Development Planning - Identifying continuing personal development needs and extending learning into the workplace through a detailed action plan.

The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.
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