The Front-line Managers/Supervisors Development Programme

£1875 per delegate

Duration: 5 days

Trainer: T125PC

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The Front-line Managers/Supervisors Development Programme

How Front-line Managers can be encouraged to make use of the empowerment they are given and truly make a difference with your customers. Turning knowledge into meaningful Action.

A 5 -day course

This course is intended principally for people who manage small groups, especially those in direct contact with the customer. The success of organisations in these challenging times is growingly reliant on the capability of our bright people, and particularly those who are the tangible public face of the company, even if they are not formally designated as "Managers". They need to be able to apply their knowledge and theory into meaningful practice, in response to the day to day operational challenges and customer needs. Managers of small groups need to direct these energies into actions that: 

- Deliver customer service in a way that embraces strategic aims 
- Develops sustainable and valued leadership 
- Evaluates knowledge and theory in the light of the situation to determine a best solution and how to implement it. 
- Recognises the implications and consequences of actions 
- Understands the interdependency aspects of key decisions.

The course is designed for front-line staff who have roles in their organisations that are critical to its success. managers of small groups, such as Team Leaders, Shift Managers, Duty Managers - people who are often the public point of contact of their organisation; people whose actions, decisions and behaviours determine how their organisation interacts with customers, both internally and externally. In some organisations individuals such as graduate trainees, personal assistants to managers, receptionists and executive secretaries might also be candidates for the course. In others, service engineers, help desk staff and other customer contact personnel could benefit.

Topics to be covered will include:
- Understanding the implications of their organisation"s strategic goals - what it means for them
- Organisational understanding - cultural drivers and values
- Devising business plans to fulfil their mission and contribution to the strategic goals
- A framework for authentic management and leadership
- Understanding the risks of unintended consequences
- An evaluation of their own management and leadership style - and the consequential impacts
- Critical communication approaches
- Taking personal ownership - the Mirror and Window Principle.
- Situational Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping
- My credibility to be the Manager - building respect and trust
- Making key decisions - understanding the strategic, environmental and feasibility drivers - and the consequences
- Managing Priorities
- Managing and Leading People
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