Effective Project Management for Everyone (Dec 08)

£2240 per delegate

Duration: 5 days

Trainer: T125PC

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Effective Project Management for Everyone (Dec 08) 

Tthe "Project Approach" to a major task is often the best way to getting the job done to the right specification, within budget and on time.

A 5-day course

About the Course:
In the dynamic business environment that prevails today organisations must develop and change almost continually to maintain a competitive position. Often these developments and initiatives are best managed as discrete projects using appropriate skills and management tools, possibly as part of a larger programme of development and change.

Project planning and management are core competencies for engineering staff. They are just as valuable for people in non-technical and commercial functions.
Examples of projects might include a supplier base rationalisation exercise, the move to a new office building, the tendering process for a service contract, the introduction of a new IT system and a major recruitment exercise.

With almost universal access to project management software such as Microsoft Project, it is now possible for staff with only minimal training to employ sphisticated techniques in managing many types of business project..

The course will provide participants with:
- the key skills and techniques to manage projects through the scoping, planning, implementation and evaluation stages.
- an understanding of the practical aspects of team management.
- an appreciation of the positive and negative forces associated with change and how these can be identified and managed
- estimating and budgeting techniques for project planning and delivery
- a range of tools and techniques to assist them in the management of projects, project teams and change
- guided practical experience of managing real projects in the safety of a simulated situation.

Participants on this 5-day course are encouraged to bring with them a work-based project, for which they will develop a plan.
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