Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

£1350 per delegate

Duration: 3 days

Trainer: L089IT

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Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Increase your impact and personal effectiveness

*** This is course is residential and the course fee excludes accommodation. ***

It is not only technical ability which ensures business success. In order to capitalise on these skills it is necessary to build good personal relationships at all levels within an organisation. The ability to persuade, negotiate and make good decisions will enable delegates to achieve success on both a personal and business level.

Once we understand ourselves better, we are better placed to make the changes we need to make. This course will provide delegates with a wide range of feedback which they will find useful and revealing. Throughout the course delegates will work on case studies, group discussions and role-plays. Together with the input from the trainer these will enable delegates to learn new skills and practise their interpersonal skills.

Topics & Outcomes

First Impressions
‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ The importance of creating a favourable impression is emphasised and you will receive constructive advice and feedback to help you improve in this area.

Successful Executives
You will learn the attributes which contribute to being successful - whatever ‘success’ means to you!
You will be able to reflect on which are your areas of strength as well as identifying areas where you need to improve.

Emotional Intelligence
‘I.Q. gets you hired. Emotional Intelligence gets you promoted.’ As you understand the principles of Emotional Intelligence you will realise that your success is as dependent on how you relate to people as on how technically competent you are at your job.

Video Case Study:
Rose Toys
As you discuss this video in your groups you will learn more about how to apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence in a practical way to help you improve your business relationships.

The way you handle difficult situations will often influence the way you are perceived by your colleagues at work.
You will learn how to achieve your objectives without alienating those people with whom you work.
You will also receive feedback on your preferred styles for dealing with such situations. It may be that you would benefit from changing your preferred styles and you will receive feedback on how to do this in order to improve your ability to work effectively with others.

Learn how to persuade others to co-operate with you in order to help you to achieve your objectives. The feedback you will receive will help you to adopt the appropriate persuasion techniques depending on whom you are trying to persuade.

Case Study:
This case study will give you the opportunity to practise your persuasion skills in order to obtain the resources you need. You will receive individual feedback and learn how to be influential when attending meetings.

The art of negotiation is critical for success whatever your role in your organisation. You will learn the principles of successful negotiation and how to achieve your objectives. Role-plays will give you the opportunity to try out your new techniques and improve your negotiating skills.

Corporate Politics
An opportunity to reflect on how successfully you ‘market’ yourself within your organisation. You will learn the difference between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ politics and how to use ‘clean’ politics to increase your profile within your organisation.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Improve and extend your capacity for both logical and creative thinking. You will learn how to solve problems and make decisions in a manner which will persuade others and help you to carry others along with you.

The Psychology of Success
Focus on yourself and what you want to achieve. Your Personal Business Plan will enable you to clarify your goals and plan how they can be achieved.

Stressed for Success
This session will help you to recognise where you are on the ‘Pressure Path’. You will then be able to develop an Action Plan which will enable you to work more effectively at your optimum level.

The TACK Executive Profile
You will receive constructive and honest feedback on how you are perceived by others. A rare opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of other people!

Action Plans
You will leave the course with a comprehensive plan of the actions you will take which will help you to achieve the success for which you aim.
This Action Plan will often provide an ideal opportunity for an in-depth discussion with your line manager enabling you both to work together in the most productive way for you and your organisation.

Programme High Spots
- Emotional Intelligence and how important it is in achieving success in business
- Assertiveness - how to achieve your objectives whilst retaining good relationships with those with whom you work
- The TACK Executive Profile will provide you with a rare opportunity to focus on yourself through honest and constructive feedback

Who Will Benefit?
This programme will benefit everybody in business, no matter at what level, who wants to clarify their business goals and improve their chances of achieving them.
The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.

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