Assertiveness at Work

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Duration: 2 days

Trainer: E049ER

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Assertiveness at Work.

About the Course:
This course is about being more effective, positive and competent in the workplace, learning to be specific, stay relevant and achieve positive outcomes. It will help you make a plan for realistic change and enable you to realise the benefits of assertive behaviour. You will learn to say no effectively, give and receive criticism and recognise and deal with fear.

Course Overview:
- Define assertiveness
- Benefits of being assertive
- Be assertive in the right situations
- Understand different levels of assertiveness
- Self-perception questionnaire
- Submissive/aggressive behaviours, their definition and body language
- The difference between submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
- The six elements of assertiveness
- Listen, understand, say what you think and feel
- Be specific, stay relevant and achieve positive outcomes
- Barriers to assertiveness
- Recognise and deal with fear
- Assertive techniques
- Persuasion skills and coping with criticism
- Action What have you learned?
- Apply learning to your own situation 
- Plan for realistic changes

The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.

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