Adobe Illustrator Introduction

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Duration: 1 day

Trainer: S073TC

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Adobe Illustrator Introduction

Course Outline

Beginners Level
Illustrator is the industry standard graphic drawing program, used to produce and amend graphic icons, maps, symbols, diagrams, cartoons, illustrations, graphs, charts and logos. Even at beginners’ level you can create polished and professional digital illustrations, easily and speedily.

Useful to you if:
you need to produce or amend any basic graphic items from the list above.

Before the course, you:
- should be able to navigate your desktop/system and be familiar with basic universal functions such as “Save”, “Quit” etc.;
- need no prior experience of Illustrator.

At the end of the day’s course you will: 
- have produced a simple colour map, a graphic icon, and a posterised illustration; 
- be comfortable with bezier curves; 
- and know some basic keyboard shortcuts to improve workflow.

Course contents (may vary slightly):
- Basics
- Bitmap vs vector
- Viewing/opening documents
- Title bar info
- New document specifications
- Browsing
- Navigation
- Preferences
- Most commonly used palettes
- Rulers
- Guides and grids
- Smart guides

Shape Tools
- Tool bar
- Drawing simple shapes
- Basic bezier work
- Path selection
- Basic path amendments
- Palette options
- Editing tools
- Selections

Type Tools
- Selecting and creating type
- Font usage, formatting
- Type wrapping around objects
- Converting to outlines

Transforming shapes
- Amending shapes
- Multiple transformations: groups

Object Relations
- Basic fill
- Basic strokes
- Positioning
- Alignment
- Transparency
- Object groups

- Placing
- Arranging
- Moving objects between layers
- Layer attributes

Saving and Exporting
- Revert
- Saving for various software imports
- Exporting paths
- Drag and dropping
- Legacy
- Bitmap vs vector export

- Saving the workspace
- Hiding edges and guides
- View as outline
- Keyboard shortcuts

Project achievements:
- Basic map
- Graphic icon
- Posterised illustration

The course either has new dates in data loading, or is only run as a dedicated or In Company course.

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